Year 3 & 4: Gallery

Dance Performance, by Mrs Madden

'Ugly Dolls', by Mrs Bebbington

Mount Vesuvius Art, by Mrs Madden

Birds of Prey Visit, by Mrs Madden

Byley in Winter, by Mrs Madden

Year 3/4 Standon Bowers 2019, by Mrs Bebbington

Town Sports 2019, by Mr Gibson

Football Tournament, by Mr Gibson

Sports Day 2019, by Mr Gibson

Year 3 and 4 Assembly, by Mr Gibson

Dewa Roman Experience, by Mr Gibson

Harvest Assembly, by Mr Gibson

Orangutan in the wild., by Mr Trude

Shape work in Year 3 and 4 , by Miss Aldous

Olympic Festival , by Miss Aldous

The Snap Trap E-Safety, by Miss Aldous

Spaceport Visit, by Miss Aldous

The Snap Trap E-safety, by Mrs Bebbington

ICT - Purple Mash, by Miss Aldous

Cave Paintings , by Miss Aldous

Story Writing , by Miss Aldous

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