Curriculum Intent Statement

At Byley Primary School and Nursery, our curriculum is everything we do.

Our curriculum is designed to inspire and develop inquisitive thinkers and learners who are fully engaged in the curriculum through a range of exciting and stimulating opportunities and experiences.

All Byley staff work hard to ensure our curriculum is broad, balanced and accessible to all our children. We endeavour to ensure that our children experience a range of opportunities that will support them as they grow into resilient, confident individuals who respect themselves, each other and the environment – including school, community and the global environment.

Curriculum Vision – Personal Development

At Byley, our curriculum vision for the personal development is for all our children to:

  • learn how to lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • develop a life-long love of learning through being exposed to a range of positive and fulfilling experiences
  • develop their knowledge and skills to their highest potential
  • become independent thinkers who are motivated, thoughtful individuals who are keen to learn, cooperate well and behave with integrity at all times
  • understand the importance of both physical and mental fitness with regard to overall health and well-being
  • become responsible individuals who contribute to community living and the environment
  • develop a true sense of respect, tolerance and understanding of others and be committed to equal opportunities for all
  • understand Britain’s cultural heritage and values so they appreciate the importance of democracy, tolerance and respect, personal liberty and the Rule of Law
  • have an awareness of their own spiritual/moral development, an understanding of right from wrong and the importance of truth and fairness
  • be ready for the next stage of their educational and personal journey

Byley Primary School and Nursery is a safe, calm, inclusive community and workplace founded on high expectation for all and the self-belief that anything is possible. Children enjoy coming to school and achieve well during their time with us. They leave as well-rounded individuals, aware of the wider-world, ready to make a positive contribution to it and fully equipped to flourish within it.

Please read our curriculum documents for KS1, KS2 and EYFS.


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