Our Values and Ethos

Byley Primary School and Nursery is committed to instilling and nurturing a life-long love of learning in all our children. We believe that children learn best when they feel happy and safe.

Our aim is to provide a stimulating environment and curriculum through which all our children are encouraged to become ambitious, resilient, successful and happy learners. We believe in developing the whole child to develop their skills, interests and passions – whatever these may be – to reach their full potential through a wide range of opportunities.

At Byley Primary school and Nursery, we treat each other with respect. We encourage children to respect themselves, others and the environment – including the school, the wider community and the global environment - by fostering a deeper understanding of the diversity of human culture and the natural world.

We work hard to ensure that our children are well-prepared for the next steps of their journey and are excited for what their future holds.

Our aims are:

  • to provide a high quality education that enables all our children to develop as individuals and inspires in them a desire to be the very best that they can be


  • to nurture an understanding of the values of friendship, fairness, kindness, honesty and caring for others by promoting the values and contributions made by all so our children will develop a true sense of respect, tolerance and understanding of others and are committed to equal opportunities for all.


  • to ensure that our children have the confidence, knowledge and skills to make healthy life choices by providing opportunities for them to be physically active; to learn about the importance of physical and mental health and the effect it has on their future well-being.


  • to encourage a supportive partnership between school and home where teachers and parents/carers share responsibility for a child’s personal and educational development.


Every Child Matters

There are 5 outcomes that are key to well-being in childhood and later life: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/every-child-matters

Being Healthy by enjoying good physical and mental health and living a healthy lifestyle

Staying Safe by being protected from harm and neglect and growing up able to look after themselves

Enjoying and Achieving by getting the most out of life and developing broad skills for adulthood

Making a Positive Contribution to the community, society and the wider world and not engaging in anti-social or offending behaviour

Achieving Economic Wellbeing by being supported and encouraged to achieve their full potential and not prevented from this by economic disadvantage

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