Write, edit and repeat!

Date: 26th Mar 2017 @ 8:40am

What a busy week in the sunshine!  You may already have read about Year 3's exploits at the High School on Wednesday, but it's worth mentioning again just how amazing they all were.  I was very proud to be their teacher as they hit, threw, caught, jumped and ran.  Well done!  Year 4 will get their turn in the Summer Term.

We have been writing this week, seeing if we can improve our work independently.  This has meant reading back our own words to ourselves and our partners and then noticing what we would like to change.  This is not a very easy process, and will take much practice, but the first results are promising.

In Maths we have been trying to read the time and, again, this is something that will take practice - this is especially true at home where there are so many opportunities to tell the time.  The Year 3's have made good progress but need to keep going!  Year 4 have been plotting co-ordinates with Mrs O'Sullivan and good progress has been made.

In geography we have been looking at how the sea changes the land at the coast, describing erosion and deposition, stacks, arches, beaches, spits and caves.  Phew!

The last week of term is always busy and next week we will be doing lots of tests to measure the children's progress in Maths, spelling and reading.  And, not forgetting the wonderful Egypt projects you have been busy working on.  We will definitely need a break after all that!

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