Tomb Raiders!

Date: 5th Feb 2017 @ 7:44am

This week we have been using our Egyptian topic in all areas of the curriculum!  We have spent some time exploring the treasures found in Tutankhamun's tomb.  In book club and comprehension we have been reading about the tomb and how Howard Carter found it in 1922.  In art we managed to recreate the famous death mask, and had a go at using oil pastels to recreate the tomb paintings found on the walls.  We even managed to crawl into the tomb and do a quick sketch of some of the finds (even if this was just in the school hall!).

Elsewhere, we have been exploring a wonderful picture book called 'The Promise'.  It's a story about how important our surroundings are to us and links nicely with our RE topic of caring for creation.  The children were very interested to learn about the mysterious main character and the bag she steals.

Image result for the promise picture book

In maths we have been learning about units of measure, both for length and weight.  The children have been excellent in converting cm into m and g into kg.  Keep talking to the children about their knowledge of this and how important it is in everyday life.

Spellings this week have the letter pattern 'ough'.  This is a toughy as this can sound very different depending on the word it is being used in.  Spend time going through the sheet, a column a day works best, ready for next Friday's test.  Also, we will be having our next 200 HFW (high frequency words) test in the last week before half term, so plenty of time to keep practising those target words!

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