Time, time, time!

Date: 20th Nov 2016 @ 8:24pm

Image result for time clipartThis week we have been spending our Maths lessons getting to grips with time.  Sometimes it can feel, especially as parents, that the skills we teach the children can be a little bit abstract and fuzzy, but time and how to read it is such an essential life skill no matter what or where we go in life.  The children have done amazingly with what can be a very hard topic to grasp (we forget, as adults, how tricky it is - up there with tying laces and swallowing tablets whole!), by the end of the week we were able to read times accurately and even had a go at telling the time on clocks with just an hour hand!

In English, we have been writing instructions and using bossy or imperative verbs.  Apologies if your child has been more bossy than usual!  The children were able to instruct myself and Mrs O'Sullivan how to make a decent cup of tea, and then were able to transfer their knowledge and skills so that they could write the recipe for a perfect dream (BFG style) in time for Open Day on Friday.

In fact, not only did they write their dream but also made a dream jar (that was the the jar of muddy paint that came home with your child on Friday!), using paint, cotton wool and glitter.

The children have spent some time this week pracising their watercolour painting, and we got some beautiful landscape paintings of the Lake District.  The children are really gaining confidence with mixing colour and applying washes.

Finally, added to all this, three of our class represented the school in the football league on Thursday, so well done to Connor, Liam and Charlie!

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