The day the grasshopper came to visit Reception....

Date: 9th Oct 2015 @ 3:47pm

During one morning session, we found a grasshopper on a plant in the book corner!  The class gathered around to look at it and we talked about what it was.  One child rushed to the junk modelling area to make it a home. She found an old chocolate box and punched holes into it, saying that they were air holes so it could breathe.  She took it to the grasshopper, placing it close.  The children were fascinated as it jumped around the carpet, they all took care not to tread on it.  Once it was in the home, we went outside to a flower bed to see if it would jump out.  The children patiently observed as the grasshopper jumped out onto a child's arm. They all found it very funny, as it kept jumping from one child to another!  Finally, we got it back into the ‘home’ and went across the playground to the grassed area. The grasshopper stayed in the box for quite a while, so we decided to jump on the playground like grasshoppers.  Before going back inside, the box was placed in a flower bed.  An hour later at playtime it was still there, the class explained to older children in school what had happened.  By lunchtime, the grasshopper had gone.  They enjoyed researching grasshoppers with on the interactive whiteboard.

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