Lovely learners

Date: 27th Jan 2017 @ 2:25pm

Hello all!

I’ll begin by congratulating Year 5/6 for being truly fantastic at the music day held at the secondary school on Thursday! Everyone came away with big smiles on their faces and all staff had endless praise for such a well behaved cohort of children!

In topic, the Year 6s began creating their Viking purses! They are coming along amazingly and they have set the bar high for when the Year 5s begin theirs next week! The Year 5s were given independent work whilst the Year 6s did their hard graft, and managed to do some great research on a Viking longhouse to create an advertisement in an attempt to sell one!

In maths, I have been working with the Year 5s on decimals. We successfully completed all missions as resistant recruits on the ‘fraculator’ (fractions calculator) to fight against the Roboids who have taken over the world! By working out the conversions from fractions to decimals and vice versa we completed all the challenges and collected enough biorods to defeat the Roboids! Phewsh!

In English, we have created a character profile for the brave warrior Beowulf and written a letter from Beowulf to his father explaining how he thinks he is going to defeat the Grendel! We are all excited to find out if the warrior manages to slay the beast!

We ended the week with a great PE session where the children worked in groups to create a selection of balances. They all worked collaboratively and performed some fluent, controlled sequences for the rest of the class.

Nice job Year 5/6! Keep it up!

Thank you, Miss Ross.

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