Happy New Year!

Date: 13th Jan 2017 @ 3:31pm

In Maths this week, we have revised Roman Numerals. Indiana Jones lost his notebook with all the Roman Numerals in that would help him decode the ancient sun dial he had discovered! The children worked in groups to work out the order of the numbers and even noticed that there was one missing!

In English, we have started the book Beowulf to tie in with our new History topic- the Vikings. So far: we have written an invitation to King Hrothgar’s brand new Mead Hall; found some super synonyms for words in the book; and became news reporters to tell the people of Denmark about the Grendel attack!

To begin our topic on the Vikings: we have identified where Scandinavia is, to see where they travelled from; learnt about the Anglo-Saxons by making an Anglo-Saxon passport; and designed an Anglo-Saxon village to help Mr. Digalot with his museum display!

 In Science this week, we learned about the heart and its role in the body. After identifying the different chambers and working out its exact position in the body, we became blood! We all went down to the hall and became blood cells carrying oxygen (sponge balls) to the different parts of the body, we even tackled getting through the tiny capillary vessels in the lungs (obstacle course!).

Year 5/6 have worked incredibly hard this week, I can’t sing their praises enough! Keep it up!

Thank you, Miss Ross.

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