Ending the half term in style

Date: 22nd Oct 2016 @ 8:27pm

This last week has been one of the busiest so far!  On Tuesday six if the class represented the school in the Middlewich Cross Country competition.  Despite the wind and the rain, all of them ran extremely well and congratulations in particular to Connor, who finished a very good seventh!

On Wednesday we celebrated harvest and all things Autumn.  The children spoke beautifully as we recited the poem 'The Harvest Queen' by Ann Bonner.  They each held up a piece of art that reflected tis most colourful time of year - and I couldn;t have been more proud of them.  A special mention to Emily who read her own autumn poem out to the assembled mums and dads and did it very well too!

In class we have been continuing to use the BFG in our English lessons and had a go at writiing some vivid descriptions, carefully selecting adjectives and similes.

In maths we have been doubling and halving numbers (sometimein the rain too!) nd the children sat an end of half-term test in which they all worked very hard.

Our Roman studies focused on Boudicca and the way she fought against the invasion and the children worked really hard to find their own facts about this ancient British Queen.

On Thursday we studied the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and even managed to turn our own hall ceiling in to a little piece of the Vatican, before drawing our own versions of two famous secenes.  The children were, as usual, incredibly creative and thoughtful in their approach to this.

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On Friday we said goodbye to Mr Bennion.  It was a sad and happy event, with the children keen to say goodbye to this most gentle of gentlemen.  We will miss him greatly.

All that leaves me to say is, happy half-term and thank you for the way you have welcomed me to Byley!  Enjoy the break!

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