Christmas Present...ations

Date: 18th Dec 2016 @ 7:31pm

This week (in between pantos and cards and general excitement) we have been squeezing in end of term tests in spelling and Maths, but also (and most thrillingly) we've had our Roman presentations!

But first, those spellings.  We have been testing the children on their spelling of the next 200 High Frequency Words.  These are those really important words that crop up in the children's' writing and reading all the time.  Some are very simple, some have apostrophes and some are really quite tricky (laughed? Try sounding that out!).  But they did well and are making progress well.

As I say, the most enjoyable part of the week (even more so than the panto) has been listening to the children tell us all about their wonderful projects.  I will put a gallery of the children and their work on soon, so that you can see their efforts.  From the moment they were brought in to class on Monday morning I have been blown away by the standard of work, the enthusiasm and effort that has gone into this homework (from the children and yourselves!).  Thank you so much for contributing to this piece of work, the children have been very proud of their achievements, and rightly so.

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