Busy bees!

Date: 21st Jan 2017 @ 10:00am

As-salamu alaykum everyone! (Islamic greeting J)

We have been learning about Islam in RE this week, covering the first pillar- Shahada. All the children contributed to a wealthy discussion about what matters to us and the things that we believe strongly in.

In English, we created a job advertisement for a brave warrior! Using a checklist of features for a job advertisement, the children applied their knowledge of what a warrior must be/must have to produce fantastic pieces of work!

In maths, I worked with the Year 5s who had a go at solving Einstein’s mathematical riddle by multiplying fractions! By working out the answers to the questions in their lowest form, the children could decode the riddle!

The children all had a go at some independent research to find out what you need to do to keep your heart healthy. From this research, the children were able to create some fantastic healthy heart posters!

Last but not least, we did some gymnastics! Working in pairs, Year 5/6 created a fluent sequence of balances that they performed to the rest of the class.

Another great week Year 5/6, I appreciate your consistent effort in my lessons!

Thank you, Miss Ross.

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