Another busy week!

Date: 23rd Sep 2016 @ 8:07pm

Well, we've had another busy week!  On Thursday we had a special assembly from the NSPCC and we learnt how to deal with things if we are feeling stressed and upset.  The children listened well and asked excellent questions.  I've added a link to the childline website here which was mentioned in the assembly and is full of good advice and fun games too!

As part of our Roald Dahl celebrations we held a mini colouring competition, and I'm pleased to announce that William won!  His picture was finished very carefully with well chosen colours and both Mrs O'Sullivan and myself were very roud of his work.  We thought all the children did very well!

In English this week we have been studying The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde (which you can read here) and we have written diaries as if we were a character in the story and been learning how to use adverbs to really make our writing more interesting.  Next week we are going to do some writing about the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland as we continue our Giant topic.

In Maths we have been exploring number sequences and I was especially proud of the way all the children coped with some really challenging work on Thursday; they tried really hard to make progress and I can't ask for more than that.

On Tuesday we started our work on Romans.  I'm aware that some of our Year 4s looked at this period in Year 2 but I hope to be able to cover new ground and look at the wider impact of the Romans as we go through the term.  I hope to share some lovely work with you all very soon.

In art we had a go at self-portraits.  This is a difficult skill and the children did marvellously well.  Their drawing is developing all the time.

And lastly, we continued our Science topic on rocks.  This week we learnt that lots of foods contain minerals (or rocks!) that we need to stay healthy.  We will carry on with this next week.  Ask the children if they can remember which rocks they may have eaten!

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